Understanding Security Payment Claims in New South Wales

Jul 4, 2024

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Understanding Security Payment Claims in New South Wales

by | Jul 4, 2024 | Commercial Litigation

In New South Wales (NSW), managing and understanding security payment claims is crucial for businesses and contractors involved in the building and construction industry. This article aims to provide a brief overview of the process and legal framework governing these claims under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW), often referred to as the SOP Act.

What is a Security Payment Claim?

A security payment claim is a request for payment issued by a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier in the construction industry. It is part of a statutory mechanism designed to ensure that parties in the construction industry receive timely payments for their services or materials.

Key Features of the SOP Act

The SOP Act provides a legal framework that supports the enforcement of payment claims. Here are the key features:

  • Right to Make a Claim: Any person who has carried out construction work or supplied related goods and services under a construction contract is entitled to make a payment claim.
  • Payment Claims: A payment claim must clearly state that it is made under the SOP Act. It should detail the amount due for the work performed or goods supplied, and must be served in accordance with the terms of the contract or as stipulated by the SOP Act.
  • Payment Schedules: The entity receiving the payment claim (respondent) must provide a payment schedule within 10 business days if they intend to pay less than the claimed amount. The payment schedule must outline the reasons for withholding payment and specify the amount (if any) that they agree to pay. Failure to issue a payment schedule within this timeframe can result in the respondent being liable to pay the full amount claimed, as they lose the right to dispute the claim in any subsequent adjudication process.
  • Adjudication: If unsatisfied with the response, the claimant may apply for adjudication, where an independent adjudicator will determine the amount (if any) that the respondent must pay. Following adjudication, the respondent must pay the adjudicated amount by the due date or face possible enforcement actions, which could include suspension of work by the claimant or filing a court order to enforce payment. This process provides a relatively quick and inexpensive method of dispute resolution compared to traditional litigation.
  • Right to Suspend Work: Under the SOP Act, the claimant is entitled to suspend work if payment is not received within the specified timeframe under certain conditions: if no payment schedule is issued, if the payment received is less than the amount specified in the payment schedule, or if payment is not made following an adjudication decision in their favour. The claimant must provide at least two business days’ notice of their intention to suspend work before doing so.


Security payment claims serve as a crucial tool for ensuring that businesses within the construction sector can sustain a consistent cash flow and safeguard themselves from the risks of non-payment. The SOP Act is particularly structured in favour of claimants, emphasizing the importance of prompt action and strictly adherence to statutory deadlines.

Understanding and correctly implementing the processes outlined in the SOP Act is paramount for anyone involved in the construction industry. Strict compliance with the prescribed procedures and timeframes is not merely beneficial but necessary. Parties must act promptly in making claims, responding to them, and pursuing adjudication if necessary. Failure to follow these time-sensitive steps can lead to significant consequences, including the loss of rights to claim or enforce payment.

If you have any questions about the SOP Act or need assistance with payment claims, payment schedule or adjudication process, feel free to contact our firm. Our experienced team specializes in construction law and is here to help ensure your rights are well protected.

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