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Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is the most common and yet most complicated law to be litigated. A proper legal team is needed to provide comprehensive legal advice, planning and strategies and to engage fully in the litigation process. Barrister is the court specialist who specialises in litigation. An instructing solicitor needs to be able to understand the underlying legal principles, liaise with the barrister and then advise the client accordingly in order to obtain proper instructions and evidence. Good counsel advice is vital. Yet, instructing solicitor may make or break the success as obtaining proper instructions is just as vital. A case is unlikely to be successful if the evidence and instructions are inadequate.

Our services include:

  • Preliminary Analysis and advice regarding issues at hand and prospect of success
  • Correspond with the other parties and / or issue letter of demand
  • Choice of venues such as mediation, arbitration or judicial hearings
  • Prepare pleadings such as issue statement of claim or defence as the case may be
  • Discovery of documents
  • Conduct necessary forensic examination of the matter and engage necessary expert
  • Pre-trial conferences and trial strategies
  • Cost recovery
  • Appeals

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