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Commercial and Retail Leases

Commercial leasing may seem like a straightforward legal arrangement, where the lessor and lessee agree on the use of a rental property. However, given that these relationships can be ongoing and last for years, the drafting of lease agreements can introduce certain complexities and tensions.

The lease is normally prepared and provided by the Lessor. While the terms are not that different across the legal field, issues in relation to recovery of expenses and termination of lease can arise if the relevant lease terms are not properly thought through or negotiated.

Commercial leases are subject to partial regulation by the Retail Leases Act. This legislation imposes obligations and restrictions, primarily on the lessor, regarding lease operations. It also establishes a tribunal system for resolving disputes between lessors and lessees, offering lessees a degree of protection and an affordable dispute resolution avenue.

For lessors, the main issue regarding lease disputes is how to handle unruly lessee. This is especially so within the shopping centre, where other lessees are likely to observe the lessor’s response. Lessor needs to act properly and promptly within the bounds of the law while keeping the unruly lessee at bay.

In a nutshell, initial preparation and ongoing management of the lease plays a vital role in maintaining harmonies between the lessor and lessee. This is indeed how leasing should be. We are involved with some big lessors within the Chinese community. In the preparation of the lease, we aim at providing a fair and equitable lease agreement. The type of agreement where both parties are comfortable with and workable in the long run. When issues arise, we believe it is important for the lessor to act swiftly and decisively to maintain control and convey a clear message to all parties involved.

It is not about oppression but proper conduct. It is a balancing act of ensuring that the parties are engaged in an as equitable and orderly manner as possible. Something that we take pride in upholding within our lease portfolio.

Pancific Legal is your trusted partner in the world of commercial and retail leasing. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of the market and can assist you with:

Lease Negotiations

We’ll negotiate lease terms that favor your business objectives, helping you secure the best deal possible.

Lease Review

We’ll thoroughly review lease agreements, ensuring you’re aware of all the details and potential pitfalls.

Legal Compliance

Our experts will ensure that your lease complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

Lease Renewals and Modifications

We’re here to assist with lease renewals and any necessary modifications as your business evolves.

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